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Brough Show



1.  The competitions will take place at Popping Lane Kaber and all entries must be given to the secretary on or before 27th July 2024. AT WHICH TIME A LIST


      Excepting Horse, Pony, Dog & Stick entries taken on the day.


2.    All animals must be bona-fide property of the Exhibitor twelve weeks previous to the show, except entire animals, and not to have been shown during that period in any

       other persons name at any other show. Entire animals must be in the hands of the Breeder or have been in the hands of the Exhibitor six months previous to the show,

       or kept six months after the show. In classes where animals competing are required to be bred by the Exhibitor, the word "Breeder" to include the widow, son, daughter

       or representative of a deceased Breeder who shall succeed to the stock    


3.    The stock exhibited will not be distinguished on the Showground by the name of the owner, breeder or feeder until after the Premiums are awarded, but any tickets or numbers

       affixed to the animals on the far side of each lot corresponding with a list made out by the Secretary.


4.    The Judges will begin to view the stock etc, on Thursday 18th August, at 10.00 am. To prevent confusion it is ordered that all stock be brought to the Ground before 9.30 am

      (or they will be excluded) and remain until 4.00 pm and the person in charge of them must conform to the direction of the Stewards. Failing to do so will forfeit any

       Prize money they may have won.


5.     The Show will be opened to all-comers, except in Classes where other wise stated.


6.     All protests must be given in writing to the Secretary before 3.30 pm, on the Show Day, and the sum of

        £25 deposited for each protest, which will be refunded if the objection is sustained.


7.     Prize money will be paid out according to Judges` Book.


8.     None of the funds of the Society shall be expended in aid of the funds of any other Society without  the sanction of a General Meeting.


9.      No Judge will be asked to attend two years in succession


10.   All animals, both before and after being judged, must be taken to the respective stalls and kept there until

         the close of the Exhibition. A fine of £10 will be imposed in each and every case where an animal is found out of its place without direct leave

         from the Stewards.


11.   All Special prizes are subject to the Society’s Rules.


12.   All  disputes to be settled by the Committee, whose decision shall be final and not subject to revision

        by a Court of Law.


13.   No Exhibitor is allowed to move, during judging, his root exhibits from one Class to another.


14.   The Committee will give every assistance in protecting Exhibitors produce, but cannot hold themselves

         responsible for any losses. After 4.00pm all Exhibitors must look after their own interests.


15.   All animals must be shown in Society’s Classes before they can compete in the Specials.


16.   All Prize Winners to PARADE in Grand Parade, failing which Prize Money to be forfeited.


17.   All Prizes given by the President or Vice President are Society Prizes and not Specials.


18.   In case of a deficit on the year’s working after all overhead charges have been met, the loss will be

        deducted from the Prize Money pro-rata except Special Attractions.


19.   Decision of Judges final in all cases.


20.   The Committee reserves the right to amalgamate Classes and/or adjust Prize Money if insufficient entries

         in particular class.


21.   Each entrant who pays more than £10 in entry fees is eligible for one complimentary ticket to the show.


        INDEMNITY: By completing the entry form, you are conforming to the following- You are stating that you understand, confirm and agree to the following statement “to the best of my knowledge and belief, the animals I have entered are free from any clinical disease at the time of entry and will be free from any disease when they are brought to the show” I further declare that all necessary precautions will be taken to prevent the said animal's from being exposed to infectious or contagious diseases from the time of entry to their arrival on the showground.

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